Fall 2017 Brand Forum at Citrix

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Six Brand Experts Shared their Perspectives on Building Brand Advocacy at Citrix on October 3, 2017


Brand professionals from around the bay gathered at Citrix to listen to experts talk about their experiences creating brand advocacy at their respective organizations, each sharing a different set of challenges and solutions. Mike Sanchez, the moderator of the panel discussion, summed up the key messages here.

Download the presentations.

Links for videos:

Christine Harkin, Director of Brand Strategy at Citrix

Preston Lewis, Founder and CEO at Intactic

Jennifer Johnston, Global Employer Branding and
Recruitment Marketing at Salesforce

Pam Van Orden, Director of Brand at McAfee

Laura Manzanilla, Director of Corporate Brand at Western Digital

Harry Pforzheimer, Principal at Communications,
Reputation and Executive Insights


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