Past Events

Our first brand forum was held in February 2000 at Quantum Corporation
Topic: What is a brand and how do you manage it?

We like to think that our topics have gotten a little more sophisitcated than that over the years, but it was a good topic for the time. Since then we have held 2 to 3 events a year focusing on a wide range of brand topics. Here is a sampling of past hosts and topics:

Host: 3com
Evolving a Brand
Date: September 2000

Host: Cisco
Topic: Organizational Branding
Date: February 2001

Host: AMD
Topic: Measuring the Brand
Date: May 2001

Host: Adobe
Topic: Brand Systems
Date: March 2002

Host: SRI
Topic: Global Branding
Date: July 2002

Host: Intel Corporation
Topic: Unmeasurable Aspects of the Brand
Date: September, 2005

Host: Yahoo!
Topic: Brand Management in the Web 2.0 World
Date: December, 2006

Host: Microsoft, Mtn. View
Topic: Managing Brands through Mergers and Acquisitions
Date: September 2007

Host: Interbrand
Topic: Best Global Brands 2008
Date: October, 2008

Host: Sun Microsystems
Topic: Brand Building through Cause Marketing
Date: May 2009

Host: Electronic Arts
Topic: Social Media and Brand
Date: October, 2009

Host: Symantec
Topic: Adopting B2C Brand Marketing Techniques in B2B Marketing
Date: October 2010

Host: Applied Materials
Topic: Brand Implementation Across All Touchpoints
Date: June 2011

Host: NetApp
Topic: Evangelizing the Brand thoughout the Organization
Date: September 2011

Host: Xilinx
Topic: Brand Engagement in Social Media
Date: May, 2012

Host: SAP
Topic: Brand Measurement in Social Media
Date: November, 2012

Host: Cisco
Topic: Building Brands through Storytelling
Date: May, 2013

Host: Google
Topic: Aligning Content Strategy with Brand Strategy
Date: October, 2013

Host: Wells Fargo
Topic: The Visual Brand: How visual elements drive engagement
Date: May, 2014

Host: NetApp
Topic: Should Technology Innovation Trump Brand Marketing with David Aaker
October, 2014

Host: Atmel
Topic: Brand Strategy: The Rocket Fuel for Content Marketing
Date: April, 2015

Host: PayPal
Topic: Managing Brands for Sustained Leadership
Date: October, 2015

Host: PR Newswire
Topic: Brand Twist Workshop with Julie Cottineau
Date: July, 2016